Engine Cleaning in Fareham | Southwick Road Motor Repairs

Engine cleaning is an important maintenance task that needs to be carried out on an annual basis, specially if your motor has clocked a high milage. We use reputed engine cleaning additives and equipment to make sure that any carbon or gunk that is deposited inside your engine is cleaned so that the engine can perform optimally. An engine that has exessive carbon deposits will burn oil resulting in the oil levels to decrease dramatically. This can even result in the engine seizing up. That would be your worst nightmare. Having an annual engine clean is the solution for all this. We will clean your engine inside and out as well. We use chemicals to clean up the engine bay area to give your car a showroom look under the hood. Afterall everyone likes a sparkling engine bay, which also shows how well the owner takes care of his motor. Cleaning up the engine bay also prevents any rust that can form due to mud, grease or any deposits that can cause rusting. Contact Southwick Road Motor Repairs to get your Engine Cleaning done in Fareham.